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Body Talk

IT was 1980s pop group Imagination who came up with the album entitled Body Talk.

Your body language speaks volumes and the irony is that when it comes to effective communication, words have the least effect on the person you are communicating with.

Research suggests a very small percentage of your effectiveness when talking to someone is about what you say. It’s how you say it that counts. The tone and the way you deliver your message are the all-important factors in making a sale. Then, selling becomes plain-sailing.

Use a tone that reflects what it is you are trying to convey – and practise it. Believe in what you’re saying. Engage with the person. That way, it won’t matter so much if, for you, words don’t come easy.

So, mind your language – not what you say – how you say it!

3 Responses to Body Talk

  1. Body language is what helps someone sell to me.
    that’s why face to face meetings are so crucial.
    You can get someone’s vibe in front of them…so different to on the phone.

  2. You can sell to someone on the phone but it is definitely better face to face.
    The body gives off signals when we are looking into the eyes of someone.
    They are more likely to buy if you smile and engage with them at the right moments.

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