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#Brexit – Strong Leaders please stand up – your time has come

#Brexit – Strong Leaders please stand up – your time has come

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#Brexit – Strong Leaders please stand up – your time has come

Now, perhaps more than ever, your future is what you make of it.

Last Friday the UK woke up to a new reality that few had predicted, and for which everyone chose a different meaning. The fact that no event has any meaning other than the meaning that we choose to give it, has rarely been so true.

We are where we are, and while politicians all around us seem to be losing their heads, now is the time to hold on to yours. Stand up and be positive, certain and strong.

So, what are the 3 key leadership actions to turn Brexit into opportunity?

1. We are still in Europe – And always will be…

And we are still in the European Union and will be for over 2 years. EU countries need to trade with us as much as we need to trade with them and we will never do an exit deal that doesn’t include staying in the single market.

So, identify the biggest opportunities and threats for your organisation, based on the reality of where you are. And while others get emotional, focus on facts i.e. don’t make your reality worse, or better, than it is. Who are your biggest trading partners? – People, organisations, countries? Focus on those.

By the way, countries including Norway, Iceland and Switzerland are all in Europe and not in the EU.

2. Money – Choose Certainty over Doubt…

Times of uncertainty are perfect for going back to what you do best, and to simplify. To achieve both of these, identify and focus on the 10% of your projects / activities that bring in 90% of your financial value, and stop doing everything else. This is essential, powerful and the results are amazing.

3. People – Realise the unlimited hidden value that you already have…

While your competitors are locked in a limbo of debate, discussion and disagreement over what will happen next remember the best way to predict the future is to shape it – to decide what you will do next. This is what to do – especially if you will be recruiting less or need more than ever to attract the very best people – unlock and unleash the unlimited strengths, ideas and passions in the people that you already have. The results will astound you, as your people are more engaged, valued and fulfilled, and will really want to do what you really need them to do.

With my very logical, level headed love and best wishes


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15 Responses to #Brexit – Strong Leaders please stand up – your time has come

  1. Agility will be crucial for us all in the coming weeks, months and years as we explore this unscripted drama together. Nassim Taleb coined the phrase AntiFragility – gaining strength and resilience from being ‘stressed’ – rather than building structures that appear strong but are prone to brittle fracture. Perhaps a lesson for the leaders of the world, EU and UK?

  2. So do I David. Great blog, so well constructed and so Naked Leader. In amongst the talk of recession, you are the voice of reason!

    • That means a lot to me Lauren as I was very emotional when I woke up and saw the result of the referendum! David

  3. What can I say? We have entered such a period of change and uncertainty and you have turned it around on its head and made it into a positive opportunity rather than a worrying dark hole we are about to fall in to.
    I too was shocked but this has given me hope.

    • Thank you Thomas – I must admit I was in a dark hole for half an hour or so after seeing the result. And then one of our cats jumped on the bed wanting his breakfast, and I thought, ok, he doesn’t seem that bothered, life goes on, so we may as well live it…

  4. The politics of the last few days has been mind blowing.
    Still try to make head or tail of it all but the one thing for sure is, as you say David, we don’t half need good leaders to stand up and be counted!

  5. Agree, intriguing times. Thank goodness we have people like those about to speak at Naked Leader conference in October to guide us through this political mess.

  6. There seems to be a mess at the top and this is when leaders MUST come together for the good of the country, regardless of politics.

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