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Business as a Force for Good – yes, yes, yes…what does that actually mean?

Business as a Force for Good – yes, yes, yes…what does that actually mean?

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Business as a Force for Good – yes, yes, yes…what does that actually mean?


Since we announced the theme of our annual flagship leaders conference (link) we have received many enquiries, emails and calls that, in essence, asked the same question:

‘What do you mean by Business as a Force for Good?’

And… one of our closest Client Business Partners, The Big Lottery Fund, coincidentally have been asking the same question in a wider context. In the unique position of being the biggest funder of the voluntary sector they have commissioned a report ‘Exploring the future of doing good – How do we create social value in the future?’

You can join in answering these questions by taking the time to join the discussion – ensuring we consciously determine what ‘good looks like for the future’ and not sleep walk into a continuation doing what we’ve always done when it may not be relevant – it’s a changing world and we need to have our eyes open, and make our choices.

The Big Lottery context and link to the report is here. Sonia Sodha, the author, is Chief Leader Writer at the Observer, a freelance consultant for the voluntary sector… and much more. (See the taster on the right of this piece). More importantly you can engage in the discussion

And you can hear first-hand from Dawn Austwick, CEO The Big Lottery Fund, at our ‘Business as a Force for Good conferencein October, to make sure your organisation’s efforts are relevant. We also have a wide variety of top speakers, with plenty of time during the day for questions, discussion, and coming up with actions – practical how-tos that work.

In the meantime here’s some of my initial thoughts

1.You get to say what being a #force4good, or ‘doing good’, looks like

Your people, customers and stakeholders – ask them – by the way, the overall opinions won’t actually be that different.

2. Is it possible to measure ‘doing good’?

Absolutely – once you define what it means for you – e.g. Putting in place a permanent programme that ensures your people are engaged, valued and fulfilled you can then, say, measure the number of people who want to work with you, and stay with you, compared to before you had the programme. If there is no definable value in being a #force4good then it won’t happen. If you would like to know how to do this please email me –

3. Make it personal

Being a #force4good sounds very grand, and our brains have difficulty relating to such big, bold and undefinable ideas. Overcome this by ensuring that your leaders – at every level of your organisation – take personal ownership of their own behaviour – is what they are saying and doing at the moment, in their own eyes and those of their people, being a #force4good? This is the only way to make it happen quickly, rather than what usually happens, waiting for someone else to do something.

I think everyone agrees, deep down, that being a #force4good is a noble cause, adds value and is becoming a necessity. So, define it, prove it and above all, be it.

With my love and best wishes



Please share your practical how-tos on how to be a #force4good in the comments below.


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  1. I am a force for good in that my attitude is that everybody ‘can do’.
    It helps to have positive thinkers in a business and I think that alone makes you stand out as a force for good.

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