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Can You Guess The Company?

Can You Guess The Company?

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Naked Leader Week 1016 – 27 March 2023

Can You Guess The Company?

From various different articles in March 1997:

‘The company is looking rather fallen these days:

• Cumulative losses since 1995 $1bn +

• Share price down nearly 20%

• Share of its market now 5% – down two thirds in the last year

It has just announced a major – some would say final – dual strategy of streamlining (downsizing?) to focus on its core markets of education and media, while also acquiring NeXT, the software company run by its own former founder!

One wonders how long this company has, before it rots away completely!’

Reading all of the above has made me both wonder what happened to this company and, for some reason, really fancy some fruit.


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