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Can’t do something? Prove it!

Can’t do something? Prove it!

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Can’t do something? Prove it!

When someone tells you that they can’t do something, ask them this:

‘How do you know?’

Or even:“Prove it!”

The only way to know whether they can or can’t do something, is to do it and see. And, as almost everyone has to ‘fail’ before they succeed, to be absolutely certain that they can’t do it – they mustn’t give up until they have taken 25 different actions.

And of course, ‘they’ also includes you.

With my love and best wishes to you all


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One Response to Can’t do something? Prove it!

  1. Until you try you don’t know.
    I once said exactly that to a colleague. I can’t do that.
    She said, how do you know, have you tried it? I said no.
    I actually gave it a go and enjoyed it. And could do it.
    So give it a go.

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