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If someone asks you a question…

Time to Read: 60 Seconds  If someone asks you a question… Here’s a radical idea… Answer it! Yes, I know that might be the most blindingly obvious suggestion you have ever read And, it is also among the most unusual! Listen to politicians, colleagues at work, members of your family – how rarely people answer the…Continue Reading

All I Ask is This…

Time to Read: 47 Seconds A level playing field I believe that everything you need, to achieve anything you want, you already have within you. There is nothing “wrong” with you. Am I “right”? Of course I am! I can and do show and share thousands of examples of people, teams and organisations who have achieved…Continue Reading

A Random act of Leadership

Time to Read: 22 Seconds If leadership isn’t about helping others… Then I don’t know what it is about What random act of leadership will you do – this week, today, right now, to help someone? That person in your team that you have never quite connected with, next time you see them ask “how’s it…Continue Reading


Whodunnit? Was it you? Are you guilty? Was it you that broke all the rules of humility and believed an idea you had was genius? And, if it was, did you next break all the rules of conformity and actually go ahead and do something about it? And, if it was, did you then break…Continue Reading

How to Pass that Exam

Time to Read: 3 Minutes Maximum Time to Watch: 5 Mins 51 Secs (It’s worth it)  Purchase an MP3 of our Companion Visualisation track ensuring you are in the right state to study and Pass That Exam. Just £2.50 – money back if you’re not satisfied. How to Pass that Exam (please forward to anyone…Continue Reading

You have 3 Seconds…

Time to Read: 3 Mins Maximum You have 3 Seconds… To make a personal, powerful impact. That is the maximum time in which we decide if we like someone, or not. If someone doesn’t like you, they won’t trust you, value you or do business with you. And, if someone hates you on the first…Continue Reading