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Changing our world, by choosing our world

Naked Leader Week – 150 (w/c Monday 3 April 2006)

Changing our world, by choosing our world

Please send this to three people whose lives you touch, and ask them to do the same – you can remove my heading and name and instead insert your own, if you wish.

Tim and I met in November 2005, and were all set to be business partners. For various reasons, it never happened. Many of those reasons were down to me, and some bitterness remained in our relationship. Both Tim and I decided that life is too short for that, and we have now reached proper, respectful closure. We both urge you to do the same, with anyone and everyone you feel you need to. And do it now, right now, because it is too late…

You may need strength to do this, take strength from Tim’s personal story

With love to you all



 Leadership from a different perspective – Tim Drohan

 My father died at Wexford Hospital in September 1983. He had survived three previous heart attacks and always amazed people with his positive attitude. This time it was different – he was subdued and quiet, and one talk with the doctor confirmed my biggest fear – he was not going to make it.

 I was sitting with him, when he suddenly opened his eyes. He looked at me and smiled. That smile sent a warmth through me that I still feel today.

 Then said he had to tell me something, that it was important because he would not make it through the night as he’d had enough and didn’t want to fight any more.

 That’s when he said it.

 “Tim, this is not a dress rehearsal!”


 “Life needs to be lived because, I promise you, this is it”

 “Yes, Dad, I know”

 “Looking at how you live your life, I don’t think you do. Promise me you’ll think about what I’m saying and DO something about it”

 “Yes, Dad, I promise”

 Then he gripped my hand very hard and said:

 “Remember. Then I can die happy – your life is not a dress rehearsal

 Those were the last words he ever shared with me…

 My Dad died next to me, as I held his hand, just after midnight on Monday 19th September, 1983, the same moment in which I decided to start living as if I meant it.

Tim Drohan


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