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Chief Inspiration Officer

Chief Inspiration Officer

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My good friend Steven Capper of Aecom was recently voted  top Chief Information Officer in the UK  (that’s him in the Rocky boxing outfit deep in the middle of hundreds of Aecom leaders – rather boringly I kept all my clothes on when I closed the event).

To me, Steven is a Chief Inspiration Officer, he:
  1. Sees his main role as leading people to be their very best.
  2. Inspires his organisation to forget what technology is, and focus on what technology does, and can do, for customers, and to make and save money.
  3. Works hard every day to make himself totally dispensable.

Just as you can do, whatever your role, wherever you are in the world, whenever you so choose.

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10 Responses to Chief Inspiration Officer

  1. Best of virtues Best of Aims – Forward into “battle” the Naked Leader trains

    Do become dispensable and ensure that by delegation
    through leadership your path to success may be made
    both easier and fruitful.

    Best wishes


  2. Making yourself indespensible means you have to hoard knowledge, which is something I strongly advocate.
    Don’t tell people stuff as that way you aren’t missed if you aren’t there!

  3. Chief Information Officer seems to suggest a title for someone who gives information, therefore not someone who witholds info for their own people.

  4. I was one of the AECOM attendees at the conference and thoroughly enoyed Stevens ” ring announcements” and Davids closing – it left me with much to comsider. Regarding being “dispensable” it is the only way to grow as you dispense knowledge by supporting and sharing with others. As they take on the tasks amd responsibilities that you dispense of, you move onwards and upwards to do other things that others have dispensed of. Protect your space and you will stay in that space!

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