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Christmas – help others

Naked Leader Week – 34 -8 December 2003

Shooting The Monkey and note to Colin

Christmas – help others

 2004 will see a naked week not only become a naked leader week, it will also be far more interactive, featuring your books of the week, stories and inspirations. After all, as I have always said, you are as much a naked leader as I am, and this is about you and the difference you make in people’s lives.

Please send me your choices for book of the week at with the reason for your choice. Meantime, from now to the end of 2003, my top three in reverse order. I presented a “Guide to the Gurus” last week and in third place is “Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins.

A lot of people are having a go at Tony at the moment, and he is an easy target. However, not only was Tony the first person who told me I could be anything I wanted to be, and is the best presenter I have ever seen, he was also the man who made NLP accessible to all (“Unlimited Power” is still the definitive book on NLP – XXXInsert URLXXX). “Awaken” is pretty much a definitive summary of his weekends and total thinking.


As we move towards the season of good will, family, reflection and resolutions so often we think about what we don’t want, rather than on what we do. We look at what is “wrong” with us, deciding what to change, rather than what is “right” with us, to do more. In just 16 days time we will have an opportunity to make a true resolution (i.e. like a true decision, one in which we close off all other possibilities) and in leading up to this I urge, implore and encourage you to look at what is amazing and wonderful about you. No matter what your background, your age or your present challenges, if you so choose, 2004 can be the most terrific year of your life, so far. As we enjoy Christmas and lead up to a new year, I invite you to focus on what you want, not on what you fear. Because whichever you so choose, you will automatically bring them into your life.

With massive love, best wishes and festive good wishes to you, wherever you are on our wonderful planet



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