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Christmas is a time for many things

Naked Leader Week – 35 Christmas and New Year 2003

Christmas is a time for many things, and just as the start of a year is often a time for looking forward, so often Christmas is a time for reflecting on the year that is soon to be over, indeed, on our lives so far.

We look at where we are this Christmas, in our careers, our relationships, and ourselves, and we compare to where we were last year.

Looking back, preparing to look forward.

I would like to invite you, right now, as you read this, wherever you are, and whoever you are with, to stop thinking, and just be.

And as you sit, reflecting on what that means, perhaps your mind is clearing of all the noise that travels around with us everyday, and you begin to feel relaxed, clear and with a new energy.

As you focus on the present, the now.

I believe we often over-estimate what we can achieve in a year, and always under-estimate what we can achieve in a moment.

It only takes a single moment to make a true decision, one that closes off all other possibilities. And there are many moments over this Christmas, and as 2003 comes to an end.

You will spend this Christmas reflecting on what has gone before, and on what the future holds for you.

I invite you to also reflect on where you are, right now, and with a difference.

There are plenty of opportunities over a year for us to hear from others what is “wrong” with us, now is a great time to reflect what we do well, what is “right” with us.

By doing this, by helping others to do the same, and by making true decisions, our lives can be transformed.

And if any of you are not convinced by all this “life-changing” stuff, please consider this – your life is changing all of the time, in each and every minute. The key question is whether you want to take control of these changes, or let them take control of you.

Wherever you are reading this, whoever you are with and whatever your faith, I wish you a lovely, peaceful Christmas and for 2004 to be the best year of your life.

And for 2004, please say to yourself:

“Many people will tell me to be more than what I have become

Many others will encourage me to be the very best that I can be

I have decided, in 2004, to be the very best, that I already am”

With love



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