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Dear Father Christmas

Dear Father Christmas
I hope this finds you, and finds you well.

It is difficult to believe it is that time of year again. That wonderful season of goodwill, when we decorate our desks, go wild at our office parties and vow to never drink again the following morning.

I have been asked to write to you, and nominate presents for myself and my fellow board members. We have all been very good this year, (me especially) and so fully deserve to receive all on this list on Christmas night. I have written a short sentence about each of us, so you can understand the role we play in the organisation.

Chief Executive Officer (Thinks they run the company)

• A holiday somewhere with no phone, email or Internet coverage, whatsoever (for their sake, and ours).

Financial Director (Too busy with year ends, month ends and week ends to run the company)

• Peace, Goodwill and Reconciliations.

Sales and Marketing Director (is the company)

• Whatever you think is appropriate for an S & M Professional.

HR Director (knows who runs the company, but it’s strictly private and confidential)

• Replace 360 degrees appraisal form with 3 degrees appraisal form – it’s a lot simpler, faster to complete and it sings “When will I see you again” as you fill it in.

IT Director (who wants to run the company, but is a little too busy right now)

• A crystal ball – for seeing the future they are supposed to know, predict and understand.

By the way, if you ever decide to make a career move, please give me a call. You have all the characteristics we are looking for in our company:

1. Project Management – The ability to plan, work and deliver on time, every year – I don’t remember presents not arriving on time, ever – well done!

2. No-one sees you delivering – just like all of us feel every day!

3. You have to meet people’s requirements, and expectations, no matter how unreasonable, unknown or expensive.

With my love and best wishes

David (I have no idea what my role is in the company)

What are you asking Father Christmas for?  Christmas wishes HERE

Naked Leader take this opportunity to wish you a Very Happy Christmas and a Fantastic New Year, and Instead of sending Christmas cards we are making a donation to our charity the Prince’s Trust.
The Prince’s Trust helps change young live. We can all help invest in the future of our world by making a difference in these young people’s lives. This year’s Christmas appeal  – The Prince’s Trust Christmas Appeal 2013


14 Responses to Dear Father Christmas

  1. I am wishing for the ability to implement a major change before the Company decides that it is not going to work and introduces further change midway through a change programme. 😀

    • Hi Barbara this is a big issue in organisations – change piles upon change before people have a chance to catch their breath. Would be helpful to know the context – please email me in confidence – and I will help with advice if I can. David

  2. How refreshing to give to charity rather than buy cards.
    People at offices who but cards for work colleagues are wasting their money because they see these people every day.
    Cards should be just for people you don’t see. And even then it’s best to send an email or text!

  3. The peace and goodwill bit is interesting.
    Read an article in the I paper today.
    Make time for elders at Christmas.
    If we genuinely listen and engage with grandparents etc, rather than humour and patronize them, we will get so much more out of Christmas. It will make for a more meaningful Christmas all round an will make them feel better too.
    the writer loved hearing stories about the war and cherishes the fact that he is speaking to one of the disappearing band of people around to talk about them.
    Great attitude!

  4. Children who suddenly don’t believe in Father Christmas is a sad situation.
    When it arrives, that moment, the world’s biggest fib comes to an end. And it’s hard!

    • Thanks Graham great new app shows where Santa is in the world from Christmas Eve Australia to Canada – search apps for santa location and enjoy next year! David

  5. The ability to deliver presents on time is a really good one.
    It always happens.
    That’s because we have a deadline and stick to it. We should do that with work too.

    • Thanks Liam – a great approach to projects is to treat them like stage shows – the audience arrive for first night and that curtain goes up, on a particular date, so we will be ready by then! David

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