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Differences Make The Difference

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Giving Generation Y's a voice - panel session “Great, fantastic young people, who inspired the group”

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Please forgive a bit of blowing our own trumpet.

We just held our Annual Conference:
Diversity – Differences Make The Difference

The Seven Key Points from the day:

  • Plan with hindsight.
  • Make sure your bosses know you are seeking advancement at the quickest possible pace.
  • Some might say that if everyone we coached had the same needs and the same ways of thinking, it would make our lives as coaches so much easier. How boring would that be?
  • To build a coaching culture there is no “right” answer; input has to come from a variety of sources.
  • It’s the unpredictability, the differences in the way people think and behave that makes the work of a coach endlessly fascinating; there is always something new and interesting to learn.  It’s the differences that keep the coach alive.
  • Disabled people develop many personal leadership qualities acquired through living with impairment. Savvy organisations see the potential and support disabled people to see their often untapped potential as leadership qualities.
  • Take action that makes the most of our differences. Let’s stop talking about diversity we are all different let’s just work to be inclusive and celebrate all of our differences.

Special mention to Speaker Steph Cutler (see the video for more) who has just written her first ebook – download it here.

Thank you to everyone who helped our 2013 conference be so successful.

Here’s to 2014

With my love and best wishes


13 Responses to Differences Make The Difference

  1. Diversity, without which it would be simple to coach people the same stuff without fear of making it in the remotest bit interesting.
    The fact there are so many different characters within a group gives the coach something to think about and use their ability to coax out of people what it is that will make the debate more fascinating and ultimately productive.
    Otherwise, yes, would be boring.

  2. Differences DO make the difference.
    The mental side of business and sport makes the difference in the really big games/companies.
    Having that mental edge can be the difference between winning and losing, winning that contract and not.
    Having that edge is vital.

  3. Essential in business to have that edge, and that comes from within, in the mind.
    If you are able to have the edge over your opponent then you can be a winner.

  4. The unpredictability of how people react to a presentation is interesting in itself.
    That’s why there has to be a structured approach to how an item is presented.
    Some react in a positive and some react in a negative way.
    As long as they get something out of it, that’s the key.

  5. Great to have that opinion from all sorts of different ages and abilities.
    That is what diversity is all about.

  6. It is impossible to preach the same message to such a diverse workforce which exists in most companies.
    The message has to be tailored.

  7. Really regret missing your conference which was clearly an inspirational event – roll on 2014 and more of your fantastic, high quality, well organised and stimulating events

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