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Do not read this…

Naked Leader Week – 180 (w/c Monday 30 October 2006)

Do not read this…

Unless you want to relax and be calm

Do not share this…

 Unless you want to help someone whose life you touch

Read this three times, with an open mind…and enjoy. David x

Any thoughts you have that do not serve you – are not you.

 They were not with you on the day that you were born – they are not a part of the true you. They have become attached to you, like Velcro, and they can become unattached, in any moment that you choose.

 Perhaps, now, or perhaps, next.

 And the amazing thing is, you don’t even have to believe me. All you have to do is feel whatever you feel, and think whatever you think – and it may be that any fears you had are slowly reducing.

 That’s right.

 Whoever you are, and wherever you are, you may now feel a deep sense of calm. Of warmth, of love, of peace, flooding through you.

 Very good.

 And as you read these words, or as you simply go with the flow, perhaps you are now returning to your self.

 To the real you, the safe you, the true you.

 The you that always was, the you that always will be.

 The you that is right now.

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