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Don’t Be A Twit – Facebook It

AS a business it is time to Face it. The simple truth is that if you fail to offer your customers online support or you do not maintain a social media profile, you could lose out.

A recent study has found that consumers expect online availability while expecting a response to enquiries outside of office hours. That includes purchasing from companies who are able to communicate in the evenings or early mornings.

And a large percentage of customers questioned said they were more likely to buy from firms on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Weighing up the quality of the after-sales support is also a factor for consumers.

So, it is clear, a strong internet presence is vital as currently close to 14% of retail sales are said to be online.

It is not just about having a professional website, it is also about interacting with your audience and demonstrating relevance and value to the customer.

If you don’t already, it is time to let your company go all of a Twitter!


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  1. I like to shop online, and I want someone to be there in the evening. the days of shopping 9 to 5 appear to be a thing of the past.

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