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Don’t break wind just before you go on…

Don’t break wind just before you go on…

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Don’t break wind just before you go on…

Rob Gibby and his company Fifth Frame have produced great video content from hundreds of events around the world, including for The London Business Forum and Naked Leader.
I asked him some questions recently:

1. Rob – you have seen thousands of speakers and presentations – what are your top 3 tips for being a great presenter?

  • Identify and rehearse your core message – and no more than 3 support messages. Express them in the simplest way possible. Not only does this help confidence, it also means you can adapt the length of your presentation to different situations.
  • Tell stories. Nothing holds the audience’s attention better than a relevant, dramatic or humorous tale.
  • Be passionate – if you are not, why would anyone in the audience be?

2. Me aside, who is the very best speaker you have ever seen?

3.  Me aside, who is the very worst – no, let’s not go there, what are the 3 biggest mistakes you have seen speakers make?

  • Shouting at the audience – there was this one speaker who confused enthusiasm with just being loud and angry – half the audience walked out, but that didn’t stop him!
  • Terrible PowerPoint slides are another problem – it’s a well-known mistake but somehow people still turn up with slides covered in facts and figures, or huge amounts of text which they then stand and read. Keep it simple and use pictures, a bold graphic or a helpful and simple diagram to illustrate what you are saying.
  • The third mistake would be people trying to ‘perform’ – i.e. not being themselves. Unless you are a great actor, don’t try and act. People want to think you are genuine in what you are telling them and behaving in a way that doesn’t seem natural to you will detract from your impact, not increase it.

4.  And the most unusual thing…

  • The CEO of a large company was waiting backstage to open his annual company conference – just as he was being announced, before coming on stage, he broke wind quite forcefully – not realising his microphone was already live. Apparently it was the largest applause he had ever received!

Thank you Rob for everything you do for us, including that ‘mute’ button.

With my love and best wishes



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About Rob and Fifth Frame

Described as a ‘genius of visual media’ by Sir Clive Woodward, Rob is an experienced video producer who has been creating films, documentaries and promotional videos for over 15 years.  His company, Fifth Frame has vast experience in promotional video production, creating dynamic, shareable content for businesses.

8 Responses to Don’t break wind just before you go on…

  1. ‘Be passionate – if you are not, why would anyone in the audience be?’ …. For me to take notice this is key.

  2. For me to take notice this is key –
    ‘Be passionate – if you are not, why would anyone in the audience be?’

  3. Expressing the message simply is good advice. Don’t complicate things because you might get tongue-tied.
    Nothing worse in a presenation.

  4. I did the same once, went on to great applause and pooped, the only difference was no one heard it, although my guest speaker would have had a waft of it although she was polite enough not to say anything.

  5. Heard it all now, love the fact he didn’t just break wind. It was forceful! Creates such a funny image.

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