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Don’t ‘Buy’ Growth

Don’t ‘Buy’ Growth

Naked Leader Week 909 – 8 February 2021

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Don’t ‘Buy’ Growth – Do This Instead…

When it comes to growth, performance and productivity, many organisations still take this as a starting point – ‘we need to grow by x% despite these very challenging times, and so we need our people to…’

And it’s perfectly logical for business leaders to think in terms of, in effect, ‘buying’ growth.

Indeed, this approach only has one slight flaw: it doesn’t work.

The evidence is clear – disengagement, overwork and fear making mental illness at work – in all its forms – an epidemic, and not just as a human and ethical issue, also a legal cost.

It’s not these organisations or their leaders fault, of course – its what’s been driven into them by academics, consultants and finance experts for many years.

There is a proven alternative:

Instead of putting growth first, put people first.

Reverse the traditional approach of wrapping your people around your organisation, by wrapping your organisation around your people.

Unleash all the strengths, passions and genius in all of the people that you already have, to be the very best that they already are.

Then growth, performance and productivity will look after themselves.

With my love and best wishes

David X

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