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Don’t Change – Disrupt. Really?

Don’t Change – Disrupt. Really?

Naked Leader Week 910 – 15 February 2021

Time to read: 40 seconds

Yes – I get that many sectors need a fundamental shift.

Yes – I understand that to both survive and thrive organisations need to transform.

The challenge is when the word ‘disruption’ is used so widely, often with no context.

‘Disruption’ is now a trendy alternative for ‘change’- with all the challenges that word brings:

  • Meaningless – It means different things to different people
  • Pointless – We are changing all the time
  • Insulting – Invariably it suggests we are doing many things ‘wrong’
  • Boring, Complex, Disempowering etc. etc.

There is a simple solution – a question – that brings clarity to both ‘change’ and ‘disruption’:

‘To achieve what outcome?’

We in Naked Leader have been doing what we do for nearly 23 years. The one constant over all of that time, internally and with all of our Client Business Partners, has been ‘outcomes’ – and the most powerful questions leaders can ask remain to this day:

‘What’s your Outcome?’

‘What’s our Outcome?’

‘What’s the Outcome?’

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