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Don’t Just Think It – Do It!

FASCINATING isn’t it? The fact that you are reading this and not doing something else? Shouldn’t you be doing something else instead? If so, then join the club!

A survey suggests that we spend around one hour and 10 minutes procrastinating – every day. For those mathematicians among you that is about three years of your adult lives, wasted. In fact the study reveals that one in five of us wastes two hours a day putting off what we should be doing. It’s in our make up.

We put off important tasks, ducking the less pleasant ones for longer. We prefer to spend time mulling things over – perhaps too much – rather than actually doing the things we need to do.

Interestingly, it is the younger generation who procrastinate more, while the older generation get on with things slightly quicker, as do people in Wales, strangley!

It brings me to the point. The Naked Leader ethos is about doing. Don’t just think things, take action, change your life, act. Just do it!

Taking action can lead to us achieving important results.

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  1. Well said. I should be doing something else right now but have decided to go on the NL site!

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