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Empowerment on a Plate

Empowerment on a Plate

Time to Read: Runny Yolk

Empowerment on a Plate


I have many books on my shelves about ‘empowerment’

I have started some, and finished none – I just don’t understand the long words, the theory and even the idea that people need to be empowered at all – when you were born you didn’t wait to be empowered to wake up on the hour, every hour, or to be sick over your mum’s new dress or dad’s suit, just as they are about to go out for the evening.

In too many organisations, for ‘empowerment’, read ‘disempowerment’.

It all comes down to knowing what people must do in an organisation, what they must never do, and what they are free to do – which is the bit in between the first and last.

How to illustrate that?

Voila: One pager

And here’s how on a plate…:


It works for everything – for a head office with satellite offices; for a function; a project, a team, and each and every one of us – people need to know what is expected of them.

A fantastic quote from one of our Client Partners, Paul Marsh at Watford Community Housing Trust – “the sheer scale of the project was massive, so we fried egged it, and now everyone knows what is in the Yolk, the Oil and the White. Sorted”

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5 Responses to Empowerment on a Plate

  1. I really dislike the word ’empowerment’. It alludes that someone has to have ‘power’. In this day and age it feels like quite a dated concept. Just own the space and assume the world has been waiting for you without waiting for permission to proceed…

  2. I agree. Outdated word. Why do we have to feel empowered to get on and do things? Just get on and do them.

  3. Saw a tweet that you have written a new book. Looking forward to reading it.
    Now being an author is empowering!

  4. Amazing that a post can spark such angst in someone.
    I too detest the word empowerment.
    Why should anyone feel they have more power than the next person.
    We are all human beings and deserve respectt.

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