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EU Owe It To Yourself To Export!

THOSE of a certain age will remember the exploits of Virgil, Scott and Brains in Thunderbirds. Well, business analysts believe that a boost in confidence in the economy and how it will recover could be down to a case of international rescue!

Even though there is a hefty percentage of company owners wanting to leave the European Union, others are optimistic about the prospects for an export-led recovery, with a rise in those believing that worldwide trade conditions will improve during the next 12 months.

Opportunities in emerging markets, allied to the predicted increase in firms running international operations because of hopes of a stabilisation of the Eurozone, are key to the findings.

Figures from the last three months of 2012 reveal the number of businesses affected negatively by currency swings, fell.

So if you have a business that can capitalise on the growing demand for goods from European countries, then now would be a good time to try and boost sales on the continent.

Buying currency on a forward contract – fixed on a date in the future to hedge against unstable market trends – is also considered the clever option in some cases.

So, let the international rescue begin – hopefully the Brains in your business will ensure that Thunderbirds are go!

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  1. Absolutely essential that export is driven up to help the economy and let’s hope the optimism is well-founded.

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