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Fear or Hope – Our Choice

Fear or Hope – Our Choice

Naked Leader Week 864 – 16 March 2020

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The actions we take are chosen on the basis of which will move us fastest away from pain and/or fastest towards pleasure – and never has that been so true as with the Coronavirus.

The greatest fear we all have is an unknown that will hurt us or even kill us, and no-one yet knows its scale or consequences – which may be vast or have less impact than the flu.

So, whilst of course following the generally agreed health advice to keep us well and look after each other against this common enemy, a few thoughts of hope:

*  There are thousands of medical professionals, scientists and experts working around the clock, across the globe. The World Health Organisation is joining them up like never before in history.

*  Although not widely reported, most people who catch the virus recover after a period of self-isolation – it is the elderly, vulnerable and those with underlying health problems we must take special care to look after.

*  Our being frightened helps no-one, least of all ourselves. It is a medically acknowledged fact that stress has a massive negative impact on our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The vast – vast – majority of Human Beings are kind, caring and with a huge desire help each other, and, aside from all the fast and thorough medical research that is taking place as you read this, it is that kindness, care and love for each other that will help us get through this.

And get through this we will.

With my love and best wishes, especially to those directly affected.



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