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Five Insights Into Our Eyes

Five Insights Into Our Eyes

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Naked Leader Week 1040 – 11 September 2023

Five Insights Into Our Eyes

Like many people, I have often taken my eyes for granted, not needing to know much about them. This all changed in June when I had an eye operation – known as a ‘Right pars plana vitrectomy procedure’ – yes, someone actually thought up those words!

The idea of someone poking around inside my eye was very scary – after all, we each only have one pair of eyes! My surgeon, Mr. Chien Wong, and I met several times before the big day. He always spoke in clear, direct and understandable language, and pointed out that statistically complications can occur, however he has never encountered any that have prevented successful surgery for the condition that I had.

In the end the least worrying part turned out to be the operation itself, which began with a nurse drawing an arrow on my forehead to indicate which eye to work on – loved that moment – to being entrusted into the care of Chien and his team at OCL Vision.

Many eye drops and follow-ups later, my eye restored, I decided to ask Chien five questions about our eyes and how best to take care of them.

The questions, answered by Chien in the attached video are:

1 In very simple terms how do our eyes work?

2 What is the single most fascinating thing about our eyes, in your opinion?

3 What are three pieces of advice you would share to look after our eyes?

4 How can our eyes trick us or deceive us, perhaps by thinking we see something that isn’t there?

5 Please share the charity work you do with children?

I hope you find Chien’s answers as interesting, and useful as I did

With my love and best wishes


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