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Focus On What You Want – What You Really, Really Want

CHOOSE your thoughts with care, and choose your beliefs with great care, because they dictate your frame of mind to take action, or inaction.

Every day this week, focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Surround yourself with positive people (that’s people who think constructively, not destructively).

Surround yourself with negative, energy drainers, and you will get very tired, grow very cynical, and life will be sour. Surround yourself with positive, energy givers, and you will get energized, grow very positive, and life will be a choice.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)

6 Responses to Focus On What You Want – What You Really, Really Want

  1. The people you surround yourself with make such a difference to your energy.
    Also my favouite music always gets me taking action!

  2. Yes, I love the Spice Girls too.
    They used to be the album that i’d really, really want but now, with the sad demise of HMV, there won’t be much collecting going on, just downloading.
    Progress I guess.

  3. Positivity works when there is something to be positive about.
    In the event someone has something negative to say and it helps the situation, so you can move on, then that can turn out to be a positive, in the long run.
    So it follows that not all negativity is bad and positivity shouldn’t be displayed just for the sake of it.
    There has to be a reason to get that uplifting feeling.

  4. Focusing on what you want does not always bring its rewards.
    But by the law of averages, you are going to make the chances better for yourself.

  5. My energy levels are up because I like to surround myself with happy and go-ahead people.
    It’s also important to learn off people who are successful and try and emulate the things they do and see how they have achieved what they have.
    Except if your idol is Lance Armstrong of course!

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