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Forget Employee of the Month – and do this instead…

Have an Employee of The Minute.

As a leader your number one priority is to get the very best out of each and everyone who works for you.
So, your choice – go through the rota of Employee of the Month, ensuring you cover everyone, or worse, miss people out.

Or be a caring, visible and charismatic leader by combining three powerful behaviours – humour, giving people a standard to live up to, and catching them do things right, over and over.

Of course people make mistakes, hold them to account on these in private.

Catch them doing things right, do it warmly, sincerely and genuinely, and it works.

And if it doesn’t work, for you and your team, then do something else.

With my love and best wishes


Tell us who’s your Employee/colleague this minute in the comments below.

With thanks for the idea to Frazer Tompkins

10 Responses to Forget Employee of the Month – and do this instead…

  1. That’s so true. How many managers of youth teams give out a man of the match just because noone has had it given to them yet? Ridiculous. This is a much better plan.

  2. There is nothing worse to deflate people than awarding someone an employee of the month which can only breed resentment among others who think they are more deserving.
    And as has been said, if you know you are all going to get a turn, what is the point!?

  3. Such an outdated ‘honour’ and not a true reflection of performance, just one person’s opinion which shouldn’t count for much.

  4. I totally agree – I remember a comment from a small hotel manager at one of our events “I have 12 employees which is perfect for employee of the month” He was being tongue in cheek, and added “let’s hope we don’t grow and need any more people!” David

  5. I have to agree with the comments.
    How is it a motivation to single out one person?
    Do you always single out the same person if they are the best, or do you dish it out to someone who hasn’t had it yet?
    Best not to do either as both are ridiculous.
    Give all of your staff an incentive to do well and reward them appropriately.

  6. I have won a couple of those awards and it made me feel proud.
    I was a bathroom salesman and managed to sell more units than my colleagues.
    There was one colleague, George, who tried to muscle in on a couple of toilet deals I was involved with. I had already done the deal with a couple of loos more than any of the rest and yet he attempted to go behind my back and close the door on the loos.
    My point is, he didn’t succeed, and I was awarded the prize which made me a happy man. I did it two months in a row and got the certificate to prove it which I can show my grandkids when I’m older.
    That can never be taken away from me and I will hopefully get more awards coming my way now I am in showrooms.
    They mean the world, others have won them too, and why shouldn’t they be handed out.
    The others just have to get their sales going and give you a run for your money, so actually it is a great motivational tool to have such monthly gongs.

  7. Nothing wrong with being given an incentive and rewarded for something you’ve done well!
    If someone has excelled, let them experience success and shout it from the rooftops.
    It is then up to the rest to do the same and try and emulate that achievement.
    Nanny state again! Don’t let people win. It’s the taking part that counts. What rubbish!

  8. There are arguments for and against. I would go for the for, as it is great to have a motivational tool and everybody has a chance of winning it.

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