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Genius – Pure Genius…

Time to Read/Watch – Depends how often you watch it!

…At turning a lemon into a lemonade – a problem into a triumph

Mick Phillips and his dad Kevin film every Woking FC match, home and away, then edit into highlights – quite a commitment for volunteers

On Saturday 14 January we played Bromley at home. At the start of the second half the guys experienced a technical problem and were unable to film, and sod’s law – Woking scored during this time!

Crisis! – Many Woking fans can’t get to games and rely on the highlights, so what to do?

a)    Apologise


b)  Watch the Video

Now, that’s how to gobsmack your “customers”

Take a bow, guys

With my love and best wishes


18 Responses to Genius – Pure Genius…

  1. This is resourceful. As an erstwhile frequent visitor to Fortress Kingfield, this showed the Working spirit at its best. It also showed how you can win friends and influence people even in the most adverse conditions – well done Mick and Kevin: we can all learn from you.

  2. A lemon into lemonade? Now that’s creative thinking, just as good as the actual content of the post. Great improvisation, I agree, on all fronts!

  3. Lovely piece of quick thinking.
    How did they think of that.
    It would take me a long time to mull over how I was going to come up with an idea like that. Great stuff.

  4. If only i could think of things like that.
    talk about making a success out of something that could have gone very wrong.
    I have to say though I agree with the other comments about the header. Now that would have been interesting but no doubt they would have got around the problem given they did with the original obstacle.

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