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Get into the pre – Christmas spirit with Naked Leader Bingo

Naked Leader Week – 186 (w/c Monday 11 December 2006)

Get into the pre – Christmas sprit with Naked Leader Bingo

 You may have heard of, and played Jargon Bingo

In a meeting or on a phone call, tick off as you hear each word or expression – you “win” when you have completed a line. Shouting “House” or “Bingo” may not help your career. So, if you are “playing” with others, compare how you did afterwards!


Commodity blocking and tackling directionally correct touch point mind share
domain Physics channel the notion of integration
spot on Enterprise cycles crisp end of the day
leverage Friction space framework facts and data
partner cash flow positive fierce multi-modal drain

Great fun, however one of the other values of Naked Leader is to be positive, and with this in mind, I invite you to play Naked Leader Career Bingo…

This one is different, with Naked Leader Bingo I invite you to spot, or make, a contribution over one week, to win

What do you win?  Do it, and see how you feel. And how your people react. And how your organisation chooses to change.


Things to ask Things to say one to one Things to say one to many Things to do
What are your thoughts? “I’m sorry” “Our future is our choice” A presentation without a PowerPoint in sight
What are we going to do to turn this project / whatever into a success? “How do you feel about that?” “I have a lot of time for…” Welcome someone back in your company who has left
How can we as a company help our community more? “I really love working with you because…” “I know this has not gone well for us, and that’s my fault” Identify your successor and tell them
(In a meeting). Is that a true decision? Repeat back what someone has said to you “I am totally dispensable” Have a conversation with the receptionist / cleaner
“How can I help you?” “Tell me about yourself” “Thank You” and mean it Buy a small gift as a well done for someone in your team


With love and best wishes wherever you are in our wonderful world




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