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“Get over it, and…”

…toughen up

Time to Read – Just 60 Seconds

Yes, I know that happened to you in the past, but your past does not equal your future…

No, sharing your problems does not always help you – a problem shared is a problem doubled…

Really? No, you can’t blame your parents for everything…

At the end of the day (and at the start, and in the middle), your future is your choice and no-one else’s – go make it so

How you feel is one thing – what you do is another thing altogether

As Susan Jeffers put it so brilliantly – feel the fear and do it anyway

Your future is your choice, so take the risk and do something different, dramatic and even daring that will take you nearer to your desired outcome – or if you don’t stop pretending and telling anyone who will listen that you want a different future – because it’s clear you don’t want it enough.

With my tough love and best wishes


10 Responses to “Get over it, and…”

  1. Knowing what it is you should do and you want to do are two different things.
    having the gumption to actaully make it work having thought about it is the key.

  2. Once again an intriguing NL week. Is there no end to your source of subjects, David.
    Great stuff.

  3. The future is orange. Or so they say. I agree. You can make the future whatever colour you want it to be. Pint the town red, be blue, sing to Deep Purple, tie a yellow ribbon, be in a black mood. It really is up to you. Only you can be that way. Only we have the chance to make the colour exactly as we want it to be.

  4. I chose to leave my job and become freelance. It paid me to do that. I chose my future and it worked for me so don’t see why it shouldn’t for others too.

  5. Choosing your future is not as easy as all that. There are certain situations that you can’t get away from such as a lack of money and the surroundings you find yourself in.
    Wanting something different for yourself and having the ability to change it are two different things.

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