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Greatest Leaders

Naked Leader Week – 51 – Monday 19 April 2004

Greatest Leaders

 Thank you to everyone who responded to last week’s list, which sparked huge interest and controversy. It’s no good everyone voting for Winston Churchill now!! If you had voted for him before in these numbers he would have been in the top 5, not just outside at number 52! Your vote will count, however, as on the new site (coming later in the year) will be an ongoing, rolling top 50 (you prefer 50 to 30), and I am speaking with a leading HR institute who will also carry the list in their magazine and online.

An Honour Indeed

 On Thursday (15th April) I was selected as European speaker of the year for 2004. Hugely humbling, and thank you for everyone who has provided the feedback over the last 12 months that helped this to happen.

 It’s That Time Again

 There is no doubt what’s at the forefront of parents’ minds at this time of year – exams. Many of you have asked whether I will be producing a version of “naked relaxation” for exams (including driving tests). The answer’s yes, however it will have to be later in the year. For now, I recommend you help with confidence, by being there for them when they want to talk, by ensuring they have time not thinking about the exams, and most of all when they say they think they will fail, listen, and ask questions. “What do you think we need to do to help you be more confident?” is a powerful question. Parents write to me to share that empathy, belief and love are the three keys.

 How Brave Is This?

 So, to close, here is the question and a very brave answer to a recent entrance exam for a leading University:

The question – “What is courage?”

One student wrote – “This is”

And walked out.

And got in.

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