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How far would you go?

How far would you go?

Naked Leader Week – 262 – Monday 16 June 2008

How far would you go?

Out running last Sunday (well, there is no point in inviting others to make true decisions if I don’t!) with my daughter’s boyfriend – he was running, I was keeping up…

Ahead of us, a man walked out of his house and walked slowly the way we were running. That was when I could keep up no longer and stopped for a breather. We started to run on the spot.

And then he and I stopped, as we noticed some very strange behaviour from this man we had seen – he was past us now, walking very slowly, stopping, bending over, and he seemed to be filling a large plastic bag with… with what, we couldn’t quite see.

We started to walk behind the man, intrigued.

And then we saw what was happening. This guy was picking up litter from the side of the road – anything and everything he could find.

We stayed behind him – yes, we followed him.

After all – how far would he go?

We would all want to clear litter from our own gardens, perhaps from the road in front of our houses, yet this chap was looking like a serious litter-picker-upper.

And so he proved.

All the way – nearly a quarter of a mile – to his local shop, where he separated everything he had collected between rubbish and recycling, and then walked into the shop.

I thought about going in and saying hi, or well done, but no, we both ran on – feeling a little brighter that an anonymous person had made that little bit of effort on behalf of others.

What a difference one person can make,


How far would you go?

With my best wishes as always




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