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Do you have a Powerful, Personal Impact

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Do you have a Powerful, Personal Impact?

Answer the following questions and find out  …


1. How visible are you, to the people in your organisation?

2. What was your most recent, big mistake?

3. When you are away from your office, do you worry what is happening in your absence?

4. What is your favourite subject?

5. Do you take personal responsibility for anything and everything that happens to you?

6. If you were stripped of your job title and traits of office, would you still be able to get the best from your people?

7.Can people communicate openly with you, without fear or favour?

8.Can you name the partners / children’s names of everyone in your team?

9. Do people often confide in you?

10. Do you feel confident when you enter a room full of people you don’t know?

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(Adapted from The Naked Leader Experience )

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10 Responses to Do you have a Powerful, Personal Impact

  1. I don’t know the children’s names of the people in my team, guess that makes me not as personable as I thought.
    There are one or two people who really have no interpersonal skills in our company and one of them is at the helm, which isn’t a great way to manage.
    Food for thought.

    • As I Tweeted today Tony – show me the leader and I will show you the culture. Lead and influence from below.

  2. It’s about getting to know staff and finding out more, just to understand them better, and to make sure you get the best out of them at work because you understand their nuances, their family life perhaps, which allows flexibility.
    A happy worker is a productive one.

  3. I worry that people aren’t as good as me.
    I’m good and make myself very visible but often feel concerned I can’t because the level of expertise underneath me is not what it should be.

    • Trust your people Boris – they will rarely let you down. Give them some freedom, and increase for those who prove it – your goal is to one day be completely dispensible – they will hold onto you forever! Thanks David

  4. That’s a rather conceited view.
    Delegation is key in business, otherwise there is no progression in the company.
    Give others the reins, before it is too late!

  5. Being visible can mean in the work you produce, not just the physical being of being seen around the office.
    Leading from the front can mean being seen without the need to stand up and say ‘I’m in the office, here, look at me.’

  6. People confide in me but that’s a weakness I think, on their part.
    If they have to ask questions it simply means they are not up to the job.
    Someone once confided in me that they wish they hadn’t taken the role as they were not up to it!
    As their boss, I found that a bit surreal.

  7. The biggest mistake I made in recent times was thinking I could go back to working for a company when I have become so used to being self-employed.
    The way I work now I only have to be visible to myself, and don’t have to be concerned with all the politics.

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