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How to Keep Your New Year Resolution…

How to Keep Your New Year Resolution…

If you really want to

Reward yourself with pleasure for your new behaviour – and really ramp it up – and make sure you receive it…

And punish yourself with potential pain for breaking it – and really ramp it up – I have three people I am coaching at the moment who have BIG and important possessions they are going to lose in 2012 if they do not achieve what they have promised

Also, you are far more likely to keep to your commitment if you make it public – please share it at below 

Wishing you the wonderful 2012 that is in your gift, and in yours alone



15 Responses to How to Keep Your New Year Resolution…

  1. Be fitter in mind and body – so that means dance more; read more – not necessarily at the same time though..!

  2. Tell myself “I am happy” and behave accordingly. Positive thinking of the here and now rather than the future as one affects the other.

  3. I want a car that works! have been so unlucky. I am willing to sacrifice a lot for this…but not money!

  4. In 2012 I’m going to launch my new part-time business – Kidz 5 a day Australia

    I’m almost there….just need a little push to get that snowball rolling down the hill.

    Target = 500 customers or more by the end of 2012.
    The reward = Making it a full time business, quitting my day job & taking a holiday to the Cook Islands next Christmas.

    Failure = donating my cherished 55” screen LCD LED TV to charity and living without TV for the whole of 2013 – OMG!!!!

    Right, it’s out there, for all to see and witness. Good luck everyone, Mike, Melbourne, Australia

  5. Great stuff Mike, really hope it goes well for you and you get to see some tele in 2013.
    That’s an amazing sacrifice but good on yer sport.

  6. That is a great sacrifice but what a motivating factor. There is no way that failure is an option in that case and setting the bar so high is fantastic and inspirational.

  7. Thanks for the kind comments guys. Bookmark this page and check back in a years time to see how I tracked against my goals.

    I’ve got a lot to do and we’re already half way through Jan.

    Good luck to you all.

    Mike, Melbourne

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