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How to make 2015 the best year yet – for you, your teams and your organisations

How to make 2015 the best year yet – for you, your teams and your organisations

ht_buttonHow to make 2015 the best year yet – for you, your teams and your organisations

Time to Read: What does that matter – this is BIG…

In a line – Focus on Outcomes and bring everything back to Outcomes

In a Paragraph – Have a clear Outcome – a what – and when you do something, ask yourself, does this action take me/us closer to our Outcome or further away. If closer, then do more of the same. If further away, then do something else and keep choosing to change what you do until you achieve your Outcome.


1.   Because it is very easy to lose sight of Outcomes in the busyness of the “now.”

2.  When people don’t achieve their Outcome fast, they will tend to lower their Outcome to something that is achievable, and boring, that is not their real dream, or what their organisation really needs to do. Avoid this by…

3.  Getting back up again, and again, and again – do something different, and keep focusing back on your Outcome.

The above may be blindingly obvious, uncommon sense and what you have heard me going on and on about for over 15 years.

None of that detracts from one simple fact – it is the only way – the only single way – to achieve what you really need to achieve in 2015, or in any year, month or single moment.

For you, in your relationships and in your organisation.

With my love and best wishes for an amazing year – that love and best wishes won’t help you, by the way – you focusing on Outcomes and bringing everything back to them, will


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14 Responses to How to make 2015 the best year yet – for you, your teams and your organisations

  1. focus focus focus… this is something I have trouble with and work hard at. I’m always getting side tracked by something else. If I was a race horse I’d be blinkered 🙂

  2. I’m with Jackie, so difficult sometimes to stay thinking on the track you need to be successful.
    Lots of distrations don’t help.
    Which is why I couldn’t work at home.

  3. Most people get bothered at work and best to try and ignore everthing around you and get on with the job in hand.

  4. You have to set yourself clear goals and at this time of the year, what better time to start.
    Some people say they haven’t got time to sit down and work it out but it is so worth the effort.

  5. Focus…it’s an easier said than done but if you can at least set yourself up a business plan for the year, or personal achievement roster, it is gratifying to tick them off as you go along.

  6. Agree with most of the comments here, there has to be a structure to life although living off the cuff has its advantages and the message here is to be flexible, go with your gut, when certain aspects in life arise and you have to deal with them, regardless of whether they are on any yearly plan.
    Life has a habit of throwing up things we have to take on unexpectedly.

  7. Afternoon all, I am struggling to find the answer of how to win in an ever competitive market place. With a winning ratio of 2:5 it is pretty decent but I want this to improve. I have focussed solely on the customer and their needs whilst still giving a regard for the competition and the customer has remained with the existing supplier. Face to face meetings have been very positive and there is no question of our level of compliance and quality. It seems as though customers love the ‘local touch’ of local competition who have a great deal of presence in an area. I have researched ideas on strategic marketing and some of it confirms what I am already doing. Do I need a different approach and if so any suggestions? Is that answer that you cannot always guess what decision the customer will make but past experience has lead then to remain where they are?

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