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How To Prevent The Great Training Robbery

How To Prevent The Great Training Robbery

Naked Leader Week 879 –  6 July 2020

Time to read: 90 seconds

You know exactly what I mean – organisations spend thousands on Training, Learning and Development, and see very little financial reward in return.

Some people will be thinking – ‘training is not about the money’.

I would ask in return, ‘what is it about, then?’

Of course I agree its not just about the money, however money is rather important, especially right now…

because money is where an organisation gets real.

Do these three things to stop that robbery from ever being committed again:

  1. Ensure your external L&D Providers deliver at least 3 times more than your investment. This is their responsibility, not yours.
  2. Every person in your company takes ownership of their development. All events must include a commitment to take action from each attendee, who is personally accountable for doing it. To help, make the actions practical, specific and real, e.g. not ‘I am going to motivate my team’, rather ‘From 3pm on Tuesday 28th July I will meet with each of my team and ask how they would like to be led by me’.
  3. In line with your people owning their own learning etc. they keep their own personal record of money invested in them, and the proven financial return based on what they do as a result. This also introduces a gamification, competitive, fun element.

HR Leaders, please stand up as your time has come. Take your place at the heart of your organisation as business leaders first, functional leaders second, by implementing the 3 actions above.

By doing this what is traditionally seen as a cost, will be proved as the investment you have always known it is.

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