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How to use your mind to control your body   

How to use your mind to control your body   

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How to use your mind to control your body

Rosalind and I have been married for over 19 years and for the last year I have had a real problem with our marriage.

My wedding ring had become too tight – or as my daughter says I have “got too fat” – so I needed to get it resized. Whatever I did, I could not get the ring off, as its tight fit was constricting the blood supply and causing the knuckle of my finger to swell.

People advised me to go into the jeweller to have it cut off – I checked online and on social media for other people’s experiences of this, and that convinced me that having the ring cut was the most dangerous thing in the world!

So, what to do?

I made a true decision. I would get the ring off my finger myself, using the power of my mind.

I sat down and closed my eyes. I gently touched the ring with the thumb and third finger of my right hand. I imagined the ring as a screw and my right hand as a screwdriver, at the same time as saying to myself, ‘very loose ring, very tiny finger’. With that I slowly unscrewed it.

As it reached my knuckle my inner voice came in and helpfully said – ‘nope – it ain’t coming off at all.’ I thanked my voice and it dissolved, replaced with an absolute certainty that the ring was unscrewing a tiny bit with each and every turn.

This went on for over 3 minutes and just when that negative voice was gaining in certainty, loudness and evidence…wow…the ring passed the knuckle and slipped easily off my finger. I was so surprised I nearly dropped it.

When the jeweller measured my finger and the ring, and assessed it needed to be expanded by a full two sizes, she said to me “how on earth did you get that off your finger?” I replied “I screwed it off with a mental screwdriver”

“Oh, ok” she replied

With my love and best wishes to you all


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6 Responses to How to use your mind to control your body   

  1. The power of the mind is amazing I have thought my self in and out of many situations.
    You have to have belief, obviously say with fitness and sports you have to do other things like exercise and eat healthily, but you have to believe you are capable of what it is you want to achieve (and it is), if you think you can’t do something, you won’t.

  2. Wow! Yep, the mind really does control and have always believed in mind over matter, except when it comes to walking on hot coals which I tried and burnt my feet. That’s an exception though.

  3. It just shows what can be done when things you think can’t happen if you will them to hard enough.
    Incredible and reassuring to know that it is possible to achieve what we somethimes think is not possible.

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