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How To…

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“How To…”

With so much information, knowledge and data available to us all these days, people want to cut to the chase – “how do I do…”

I invite you to share your key How To – add as a comment to this or send to me –

Leon Marklew Regional Director of HSBC shared this:

“My key How2 is to Make It Personal.

I have a file containing 5 letters which span 15 years. They were sent to me by Chairmen of HSBC thanking me for something I had done for a customer / colleague. In a world of throw away emails I’ve kept them.

Each year I hand write over 300 letters to the region’s top performers thanking them personally. It takes me a fair few hours but it’s worth every minute. They write back telling me they have shown them to parents and partners. The power of the written word, especially in recognition of success, is lasting and immense.

Also, I recommend that managers with direct reports in remote offices, personally phone them on a Friday, 15 minutes is all it takes, to let them know what they bring to the team and why you are glad they are part of it. They walk into their homes 2 inches taller that night and I guarantee they come back Monday refuelled and raring to go.”

Thank you Leon

I’ll be sharing my own leadership top tips and techniques on June 21st  in London – it would be great to see you there!

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  1. After speaking publicly to raise awareness for The Prince’s Trust I received a small hand written informal note from the chief exec of finance who was a guest at the event. It said simply thanks for sharing my experiences so openly and how it struck a chord with him. I was thanked by hundreds of people at the event but there kind wishes were only there for the day, I can keep that lovely little note forever 🙂

  2. Love knowing how to do this and that.
    It is all down to learning and finding out answers. Most can be found on yahoo.

  3. How to do most things is in a book named How To Do Almost Just bout Anything which I think is an excellent read.

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