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If it is your birthday today…

If it is your birthday today…

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If it is your birthday today…

You are of course so much younger than the rest of us – indeed, if you were born today, in 1968 then you are officially…12

You are so lucky

Or, is it choice?

Is age a fact, a reality or a state of mind?

I certainly feel younger today with more fun, hope and energy than I ever had when I was an IT Programmer, 30 years ago…

So, it’s not how old you are, it is entirely how old you choose to be.

With my love and best wishes, especially to Tony Robbins, who is 14 today, and wrote 3 best-sellers before he was 8!


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4 Responses to If it is your birthday today…

  1. Invaribly one of the things I coach is handling key dates and the ones never to forget or the emotions around why people forget. You’d be surprised how many leaders forget family birthdays for starters and then and those of their personal stakeholder network. Leadership …Leader~ship…on that journey together.

  2. I totally agree. Age is just a number and how you choose to live your life is very important in determining what your ‘outlook’ is on life.
    Mix with youngsters, keep active, or stayin watching TV with your slippers on? Life is for living and then you feel younger.

  3. Born on Feb 29th, when do you celebrate your birthday?
    You are a February baby. But if you celebrate on 28th Feb you are not celebrating on the correct day because you were born the day after the 28th. So has to be March 1st. Right?

  4. It definitely helps that you think you are younger than you are. That way it keeps the mind fresh.

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