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If it works…

If it works…

Naked Leader Week 862 – 2 March 2020

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Then keep doing it!

Much success stuff is written about getting up again when things go wrong – when what we do takes us further away from our outcome – be persistent and of course #nevergiveup

But what if what you do actually works – i.e. moves you closer to your outcome?

It might well be first time, or as with that famous WD spray – 40th!

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of doing anything, there is only what takes you closer to your outcome and what does not.

Only what works, and what does not.

In your personal life, your relationships and your organisation, you will be swamped with advice from others, from so called experts, from friends, from online…

Do something, and if it works, keep doing it – even if it is the very opposite of advice you have been given!

One of my favourite emails received – summarised:

‘Hi David, I attended your session last week at the London Business Forum. Didn’t really like your style, your humour or most of what you said. However, there was one thing you suggested that I took on board, and as a result my husband and I, who were going to separate, have fallen in love all over again. So, thank you’

With my love and best wishes

David X

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