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If our talents are without limit…

If our talents are without limit…

Naked Leader Week 912 – 1 March 2021

Time to read: 53 seconds

If our talents are without limit, why don’t we achieve success more often?

Naked Leader goes on and on about how you have unlimited, untapped and unique strengths, passions and genius – and that question comes back, in many different forms, summarised as:

‘OK, if that’s true then why don’t I achieve more success than I do?’

And the answer is…

You do.

You already do achieve far far more success than you realise. Every single day, hundreds if not thousands of times. It’s just that we don’t notice them, or we take them for granted.

Let’s define ‘success’ as you achieving any outcome you want to achieve.

SO, please do me a favour tomorrow, whether you live alone or with a partner or a family – notice, reflect on and shout out at the top of your voice:

“WOW, I (blank) – am I a genius (or other word of your choice), or what?

An example of what you can insert in the blanks:

Woke up

Opened my eyes

Looked at the time

Climbed out of bed

Boiled the kettle

Put coffee and sugar and milk into a cup

Poured the water over the mix


Drank the coffee

Got undressed

Turned the shower on

Climbed into shower




Enjoy all of your successes, and help others to enjoy theirs.

With my love and best wishes to you all




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