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Igniting, Connecting and Unleashing You with other Forces for Good

Naked Leader Week – 101 (w/c Monday 25 April 2005)

Igniting, Connecting and Unleashing You with other Forces for Good

 Thank you – words cannot express how grateful I am for all of your e-mails – from all over the world, following last week’s nlweek 100. We have a joint mission that is timely, exciting and that will truly ignite and connect the forces for good in the world.

Many of you asked questions about spreading the word:

  1. “When I forward the e-mail, do I need to acknowledge The Naked Leader?”

No – One way to do this is simply cut and paste the e-mail – and change my name for yours – I repeat again, this is our joint vision and mission, not mine  – I am merely a  facilitator for it happening, as are you.

  1. “How can I stop this looking like chain-mail or spam?”

By personalising it with Dear (name) and amending it to your own style, and most importantly, if you choose to ask people to send it on to everyone you know who is a force for good, and invite them to do the same, make it absolutely clear that nothing untoward will happen to them if they do not.

  1. “When will we all be connected together?”

The new Metanet launches on Friday 1st July 2005, and this will connect everyone in the naked leader network together, on the basis of dreams, shared interests etc.

  1. “I would like to translate the e-mail into my own language”

Thank you! – Please do so, and then send it out. It would be good to send a copy to me at and we can put translated versions of the e-mail on the new site

  1. Why are you doing this David?”

Because I believe that people are fundamentally good, there is too much fear in the world and I truly want to play a small part in leaving the world a better place for our next generation, by connecting the forces for good, as I know do you.

  1. “Please will you send the e-mail again, I accidentally deleted it”

Yes, it is attached below – and from this Wednesday (27th April) is available on

With love and thanks




Enough is enough – It is time to choose our world, for our next generation

Over the last 100 weeks, you have sent me literally thousands of ways in which we can be the very best that we already are, and help others to do the same. In other words, ways in which we can change our world, for good, and for our next generation.

You feel that our biggest purpose of all is this- to raise the world of goodness rises, by identifying, connecting and unleashing the forces for good in the world.

Together, as leaders, this is our dream.

Together, we can and will make that dream come true

Together, by spreading the word by word of web, and word of mouth, we can build a force for good that numbers one million people. One million people, cutting across geographical, religious and political boundaries, by the end of 2005, uniting with a common belief:

We will leave the world a better place than we found it, by believing in:

Us and Us, not us and them: “I and the world are one. Everyone has value, and it is our unique differences make the world special, and I celebrate these.”

Taking action, not just talking action:I make a positive difference in the lives of others, every day, and would want to be remembered for the good that I have done.”

Hope over Fear: “I respect and care for those who feel vulnerable and scared, and help them reclaim their birthright to be at one with themselves, the world and everyone in it.”

Love over Hate: “Most people are good, and do not hurt or harm others. I celebrate this, and play my part in eradicating conflict, violence and war from our planet.”

These are the cornerstone beliefs from the e-mails and ideas you have sent to me, and shared with each other. As Clive in New Zealand wrote to me: “It is easy to be cynical; it is far more rewarding to take action, so David, through you I ask every person who reads this milestone naked leader week 100, what are you, personally going to do?”

I believe there are four actions we can take:

ONE: Send this e-mail on to everyone you know, who you believe would want the world to be a better place, for our next generation. And ask them to do the same. This is not a chain-mail – no harm will come to you if you do not send it on! In this case, please spread the message by word of mouth. By the way, however you spread it, there is no need to mention naked leader at all.

TWO: Please identify and tell me about all of the amazing forces for good out there in the world, which are already doing this. They may be people, charities, organisations or communities. Most businesses are a force for good in the world, what is yours doing? Together we can and will bring these together, so that people can find the method and people that work for them.

THREE: Live by the four beliefs, each and every day, some examples:

Us and Us, not us and them: e.g. Listen, really listen to someone who has a different view from you. Do not judge them, rather rejoice, knowing what a boring world it would be if we all felt the same. And if you feel really brave, lose an argument.

Taking action, not just talking action: e.g. Each and every day, do one thing to help someone whose life you touch, and one action to help a total stranger. Start each day asking, “how and who can I help today”

Hope over Fear: e.g. Respect older people, who may be frail and frightened. Seek out someone who lives near you and simply ask if you can help them in any way e.g. by shopping for them

Love over Hate: e.g. For three full days (or longer), never run anyone else down behind their back – in other words, never say anything behind someone’s back that you would not say to their face.

FOUR: Whatever you choose to do. You may have your own ideas, or mission. Please, share them with others.

And to bring this all together, the new will launch on Friday 1st July 2005, as a network of networks, a network of dreams, and a network of hope and action. It will be a Cause, a Club and a Connection:

Cause – To identify, unite and unleash the forces for good in the world.

Club – You will belong to the biggest and most open club in the world, and be able to form your own clubs within, based on shared interests, and a desire to help each other’s dreams come true. You will even have your own web front page, if you so choose.

Connection – We will connect anyone, with anyone else in the world, providing access to your personal web-site, community, web-site, experience, etc. Imagine, for example, a network of one million people having access to your favourite charity.

It is time for action. Please, join with me and the thousands of leaders who are reading this, and make a difference, yours.

On this special week, thank you for helping us reach 100, and I send out energy, love and a massive, massive thank you.




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