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Imagine if you simply could not fail in 2016…

Imagine if you simply could not fail in 2016…

Time to Read:  Around 30 moments

Imagine if you simply could not fail in 2016…

What would you do?

That’s ‘what’, not how – separating the two is critical

You would do anything to choose – for yourself, for a loved one and for your organisation

Please share – going public massively increases your chances of taking action, of #nevergiveup and of achieving your outcomes.

I often say – we always overestimate what we can achieve in a year – go on, overestimate now

And we always underestimate what we can achieve in a single moment

Whatever you have resolved to achieve, and to help others achieve, enjoy every moment in 2016

And from me and everyone at Naked Leader, a very happy 2016 to you


PS. Thank you for all your comments in 2015, and we welcome new comments this year below

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  1. We are the only national organisation in the UK that is dedicated to provide rehabilitation for survivors of torture. We currently are able to support 400 new clients a year but have to turn away 800 a year who need our help just as much. By 2025 we will be generating enough money to be seeing 150% more clients.
    On top of that we expect to have to meet the needs of 400 additional survivors of torture from the Syrian refugees coming in this year. Therefore In 2016 we need to:
    1. raise an additional £2M
    2. support an additional 200 survivors of torture
    3. set up a crisis response team
    When I have done this I will set the next target to help us to be in a position to support everybody who needs us.

  2. A number of goals:
    – Help acquire funding for a friend’s networking and training event.
    – Mentor students who wish to develop careers in IT.
    – Promote employee mental health and wellbeing within organisations.
    – Do a series of talks to different organisations and universities.
    – Add a dimension to someone’s life on a daily basis.

    These are not the only goals I have for this year and I am imagining and focusing on success already.

  3. I am leaving Naked Leader this week, I have loved working here and believe its your future take it or lead it, and am going to using the Naked Leader formula for guaranteed success to achieve one of my dreams of being a creative hair and make up artist.
    scary as I have stopped doing some other things that I do too. in order to focus on one thing (that’s hard for me :-)!)

  4. Received via email thank you –

    Hi David,

    Nice letter, but my imagination works like this: Imagine if you could simply succeed at everything you do in 16.

    Naked Follower

  5. Overestimating is a great ide as it means you are actually getting up and doing something. Which is always better than nothing.

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