founder of naked leader


Naked Leader Week – 71 – Monday 6 September 2004

In memory of the children and adults who died last week in Beslan,

and all who have been lost to conflict in the world.

Our thoughts and prayers are also with the injured.


By John Jeffcock

Imagine for a single moment

That at my earthly life’s fulfilment,

All your words and prayers unheard

Carried me to a place I feared.


Imagine there I found the door

That opened on another shore.

I smile to think I never knew

You held the key that let me through.


Imagine that beyond that beach

The Greater Love was in my reach

I took your gentle hands in mine

Then left to take my place in line.


Imagine when it touched my soul

My life and spirit becoming whole

Please do not grieve for what you long

For from your world I have not gone.


Imagine nothing more than this

That in two worlds I now exist.

In yours I live in thought and frame

In mine you look and laugh the same.

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