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Invest In Culture

THOSE businesses which drive forward with a positive, compelling and visionary agenda will thrive in the future. And their spirit will soar. Are you brave enough to try cultural transformation?

It requires openness, honesty and trust, and can only be developed by throwing out the traditional culture of blame, and investing time in building a positive, transformed environment. Why not start it now?

Cultural transformation means different things to different people and what works in one company may not in another. It is important to set your own transformational agenda and to focus on the issues and needs in your environment.

A good starting point is to revive, review and reinstate your organizational objectives. Ensure they become a set of deeply-held beliefs that guide you towards meeting your aims while trusting and respecting each other.

So, involve everyone in deciding a code of ethics and values for the future. This will help secure ownership and commitment across the whole team. Be consistent. Because if, as their leader, you once stray from these values, you risk losing your followers.

3 Responses to Invest In Culture

  1. Great concept, working on the premise change is as good as a rest. Keep them on their toes in the workplace, whatever the culture, is my motto.

  2. it takes a brave boss to take radical action and it can pay dividends too.
    Some times you have to take chances.

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