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Is this the best question you can ever ask?

Is this the best question you can ever ask?

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Is this the best question you can ever ask?

Have you ever noticed that many people have a habit of asking a question, and not stopping at the question mark? …perhaps in meetings, projects, in your family at home…just when you think they have asked the question they add a bit, and so on…?

What was the question again?

We all do it.

Or do we?

I do a lot of talks at schools – all ages – and I realised something the other day – almost always, without exception, the students ask their question, and stop when they have done so.

“What is the biggest mistake you have ever made?”

“Why do my parents ask me what I did at school?”

“Do you get nervous before you go on?

Clear, concise, compelling.

Is your next question going to be the best question you can ever ask?

With my love and best wishes to you all.


3 Responses to Is this the best question you can ever ask?

  1. I was asked in 1978, just after starting work, ‘Tim, if you were world famous, not for what you do, but the way you do it, what would you do differently or even better?’ It still rings in my ears every day.

    It is the questions that we ask of ourselves that provide the answers that create the real motivation to be even better.

    We spend billions on education in this country and no one wants to remember what they did at school, because it was painful last time.

    ‘Daddy, Daddy, I got 9 out of 10 in my spelling test!’

    Are you now thinking, ‘Which words did you spell correctly?’
    Or are you thinking of asking, ‘Which one did you get wrong?’

    Ask questions that encourage the heart and make people feel good, then they may be motivated to look at the things that went less well and make a plan to improve.

    Shine on.

  2. What would we all do better/ Great question because we are actually able to do something about it…now. Today.
    That’s the beauty of life. We can improve ourselves.

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