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It’s Beginning To Look Like It Could Be Different This Year

AS Michael Buble is telling us in his unique crooning style during his regular TV appearances – ‘it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas’…

Well, for some that can mean keeping up the same old, tired, worn out tradition of simply putting up with our families.

Not this year.

Forget the turkey, Naked Leader founder David Taylor has given us all some food for thought, with all the trimmings, in terms of being a leader for the festive season.

Here are David’s three thought-provoking work leadership tips which will work at home, with the family, this Christmas, and three more which most certainly won’t, or will they?


1. Pay total and absolute attention to people – especially to that family member you only see once a year – do this and watch the impact it has.

2. Focus on Outcomes – it will get you through the more challenging moments.

3. Behave with your loved ones as if this was the last Christmas you will ever have together, because one year that will be true, and you won’t know until it is too late.


1. Bring the truth in the room (especially after a glass or two) – this is family bonding, not team building.

2. Benchmark the quality of Christmas Pudding/Turkey – especially do not compare it with the way your mum used to make it (unless, of course, she made it).

3. Apply Service Level Agreements to Christmas Dinner (‘It was satisfactory’) or during a more romantic Christmas moment (‘How was it for you?’ ‘You met my expectations.’)

So, there are David’s helpful hints and he has one Ultimate Question which you should ask yourself as a leader this Christmas: ‘What would Santa do?’



4 Responses to It’s Beginning To Look Like It Could Be Different This Year

  1. Santa would arrive with his Truth in the Room. The Truth in the Room is the reindeer…we don’t ever talk about it with children because it’s not supposed to exist!

  2. I tell people I love them. That way they know. And I try to appreciate those who are close to me and sometimes, those that aren’t.
    I agree that at Christmas time, people are behaving oddly at times because they think they have to enjoy it, and they try too hard, while just letting it happen is the best way.

  3. In the face of another Xmas what does Santa do? Well he creates anticipation and then turns up on time; persists against the odds (that is one hell of a delivery schedule, with or without elves), eats the mince pies and leaves the carrots and gives everyone a present! Job done awesome leader!!! Happy mulling everyone….

  4. This is truely inspiring…… if only we could all do this simple action over Christmas what a diffeence we could all make to our loved ones. I know I am going to do it, thank you David xxxxx

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