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It’s Never Too Late to Live

It’s Never Too Late to Live

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Naked Leader Week 1033 – 24 July 2023

Peter McCartney, a friend of Naked Leader since our very beginning, emailed me to say he has ‘retired’, and the outside world is now bombarding him with two elements – financial and health. He then shares a third that few seem to focus on…over to you Peter:

‘Everyone’s retirement journey is unique, complete with opportunities and challenges – here are a few points from my own journey to date:

Ambitions: in 1, 2, 5 years’ time… what stories do you want to tell? In areas such as family, friends, community, interests, development, wellbeing, adventures etc etc. Write them down.

Learn: look around you and copy elements of others’ retirement behaviours that will take you towards your ambitions – piece together to form the target ‘you’ you’d like to be, and actions to develop those behaviours.

Time: your biggest resource – cherish, protect, plan, focus on priorities and passions, and journal so you can review.

Engagement: likely to have fewer and less varied interactions than when working – so embrace what you do have – be in the moment and actively listen to the world around you, be curious – seek out the new and learn.

Each Other: being alone is great, being lonely far less so – go out and be a friend and you will make new friends for life.

Don’t let retirement just be a ‘drift’ or let it be ‘shaped by others’ – it belongs to you so be proactive, be determined and as you journey forward, enjoy who you are – rather than the retired ‘who you were’ – and also enjoy the journey to becoming who you will be’.

Powerful words Peter – enjoy your exciting adventures in your nonretirement

With my love and best wishes to you all


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