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It’s your turn. Let’s do it together

It’s your turn. Let’s do it together

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It’s your turn. Let’s do it together

This week, a challenging guest article from Nick Corston who took action to start a cause he passionately believes in for the future of our children and, ulitimately, our society.

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“WE must put ‘Creativity first’ in this country. It Inspires Children, Innovates Business and Engages Community. It Connects.

We need real role models for our children

A report in this week’s Times Education Supplement reveals that as many 34.1% of young boys surveyed wanted to be a famous sportsperson, yet only 2.14% wanted to be a mechanic.

We must tap into our children’s obsession with celebrity and use it to inspire them.

I walked the talk

So, eight years ago, inspired by talk on creativity I co-founded a social enterprise in my sons’ primary school in Paddington, called STEAM Co.

A unique community collaboration:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Creatives
  • Business People

Working together to run in Primary schools.

What we proved

Feedback from small-scale trial across UK proved:

  • People love it
  • Communities are engaged
  • Companies see value

Phase 2 trials

We’re now seeking partners to help us to match fund grants:

  • 6 lead brand sponsors – £500 per week
  • 10 supporters – £100 per week

Payback in three ways

  • Brand
  • CSR
  • Employee Engagement


Find out more. Come to #ARTCONNECTS, our three-day festival in King’s Cross 23-25 Feb to celebrate Creative Schools, Work and Lives.

“Art is what we call it when what we do might connect us”
Seth Godin

This 2-minute film says it all to me. Is it your turn, if so I do hope you’ll join us.


4 Responses to It’s your turn. Let’s do it together

  1. Will the creativity workshops show people how they can become a famous sportsperson?
    We mustn’t hinder our children’s aspirations.
    Of course there has to be a dose of realism in there.
    But they should be able to aspire to whoever they want to be?

  2. That’s not the point. The point is to let people be creative.
    Youngsters mustn’t think they can become a pop star or a top footballer.
    That’s just wholly unrealistic.

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