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Jump Straight to Performing

Jump Straight to Performing

Jump Straight to Performinggoldfish

You will have heard it many times – all teams “must” go through four stages before they are effective – Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

I have never understood “Norming”, so let’s focus on the other three.

Form, Storm, Perform – fair enough – a process that clearly takes a while.

“A while” being as long as you want it to take, or to be more precise, as long as you choose it to take.

Naked Leader is in a very exciting partnership with Veolia, and to start we formed a partnership team with Veolia “Change Leaders”.

We formed, stormed and performed… eh…rather fast – in a matter of days.

Why? Because we had to – no organisation has time to go through the old, laborious processes of the past. It’s a bit like the “change curve” – yes, go through the curve, and would you mind hurrying along a little, not least for your own sake?


What are the three key things we did that you can do in your teams, straight away?

  1. Trust Now. We trusted each other 100% from day one, moment one. The fastest way to earn someone’s trust is to trust them, and they will rarely let you down. It also saves so much time getting to know each other – don’t worry, you will get to know each other! This includes truth in the room – speak to each other, not about each other.
  2. Make Offers. When someone has an idea, mould it, improve it, and bring it to life with suggestions, being positive and making offers. Offers are a concept used in comedy improvisation:
    e.g. “Good morning Doctor”When an offer is made (you are a doctor) go for it. Instead of looking to be “right”, for a dispute or disagreement, we made offers to each other that always took our discussions fast forward. Offers of help, offers to be helped, offers of who could do and be what etc. etc.
  3. Be Yourselves. Play to each person’s strengths, passions and personalities. Have you noticed that we tend to enjoy doing what we are good at? And when we enjoy doing something, we do it to the very best of our abilities. Ask people their number one strength, yes, and more – what is their number one passion? And above all, let people be themselves (it’s all we ever need to be).

And, a 4th

Have fun, lots of it

With thanks to Estelle Brachlianoff, Marguerite Ulrich and Michelle Billington.

And with my love and best wishes to you all


P.S. Next week’s NL Weekly blog will come out on Tuesday 15 July, and not Monday 14th, for
a reason that will be apparent when you see it. And please, see it you must…


9 Responses to Jump Straight to Performing

  1. How intriguing about next week!
    Once again this is a super NL week and love the theme as ever.

  2. Be yourselves and have fun, the two biggest lessons of the day having read this wonderful NL Week.

  3. The overiding feling here is one of helping each other, communication, for the benefit of the team and ultimately the business.
    A force for good!

  4. Enjoying what we are good at is key to success.
    All of us like to do well, get a pat on the back, etc, but when you have earned it it really makes a difference and is a great motivator for you to strive to do more.
    Achievement, acclaim from your peers and a decent finacial package of course, what more could someone want?

  5. Trust in each other, that’s a major hursle that must be overcome.
    Sometimes employees are in it for themselves, to impress the boss, to be unique, and yet, actually, they should delegate, work as a team, for the good of the company.
    Every team needs good individuals to flourish. They are, essentially though, part of the team.

  6. Trust is the key i agree, have that in your team and among them and you are on to a winner.
    As a leader, you have to earn trust!

  7. Trust, conscientiousness, work ethic, ability, they all add up to a good individual and good business sense.

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