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Just because everything changes…

Just because everything changes…

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…doesn’t mean it hasn’t been this way before.
People and Profit – despite the constant so called “change agenda” these have always been the two most critical factors to every organisations success, the world over.

People – every organisational issue, is always a people issue, all dressed up.
Profit – money – the most authentic thing of all, where your organisation gets real.
Ensure your leaders focus on these two, and everything else will follow – customers, processes, being a #force4good etc.

Whatever the clothes, labels and disguises they come in – ‘change’, ‘quality’ ‘insert the latest fad here’ it all comes down to how well your people can make and save you more money than you spend – the ultimate Return on Investment, growth and survival models, all in one.
As true today as it’s always been.

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9 Responses to Just because everything changes…

  1. Isn’t that the purpose of all business? To make a profit?
    Surely it is the one pretext for entering into business in the first place, to produce a product perhaps at a cost to a far lower level than you will be selling it for. Business is simple really. It’s just coming up with that product.

  2. Making money is one thing but what about providing a service?
    That surely counts for something, being able to please your customers.

  3. Customers need to feel they are getting value for money and they will keep buying.
    So customers need to be given that ‘wow’ at all times as it’s harder to claim a new customer than keep an existing one.

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