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Just between you and I – Why ‘M’ matters…

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Many of us don’t like to talk about it; some are very embarrassed to even mention it…Money

It is indeed rather important:

To you – if you don’t think so, then go pay your mortgage with a hug, or imagine never being able to help those less fortunate then ourselves

To your organisation – You can’t achieve very much, let alone be a Force for Good, without it – indeed, you won’t even exist


To our World – The only way out of economic debt is… economic – so let’s celebrate entrepreneurs, business and money makers, worldwide

It is so important we are putting it at the very heart of our 2014 annual leadership conference – I hope to meet you there.

So, one of the biggest questions of all – which is more important – inspirational, authentic leadership,
or money?

What would you put your money on? – Tell us below
With my love and best wishes


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One Response to Just between you and I – Why ‘M’ matters…

  1. Received by email –
    It depends.
    Money without leadership (including self-leadership) will, from the fool (or foolish organisation) soon be parted.
    Being ‘inspirational’ is not the most important for our selves. I was getting feedback to that effect at conferences, but it never paid our bills or fed my children. However, the follow-up stories indicate that those who were inspired went on to their own greater success. That’s why what you do is so important.
    We’re one world. A closed system.
    Money won’t save us, but sharing our resources well, will. (said the woman in Oil and Gas!)

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