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Just One Day

Naked Leader Week – 28 – 27 October 2003

Just One Day came and so did many thousand acts of kindness – to loved ones, neighbours and complete strangers. Thank you, in particular for keeping it so private and personal…and yes, in answer to many e-mails, the countdown to Monday 1st November 2004 has already begun on

I have recorded some of The Naked Leader – chapter one, the journey of self and chapter 42. Not sure why at this stage, however if you would like to hear chapter 42 (my favourite) please click here – it’s free to hear and download:

This week I am speaking at three schools as well as to a conference of head teachers. I am always nervous speaking at schools (taking in sweets helps great deal!). I will let you know how I get on, next week…

Meanwhile…what is the definitive leadership film?

The Definitive Leadership Film

 If I was to ask you what film is widely regarded, and admired, for being THE definitive film on leadership, which film would you guess?

 For Three Points

 Not only does it follow The Hero’s Quest to the letter, and is one of the most popular films of all time, but almost every character reflects a real-life  character-type.

 For Two Points

 The leading character, S, is born to be king, however his evil uncle has other ideas, and kills S’s father (and his brother), making it look like S’s fault. Escaping to the wilds, S turns away from his destiny, until a guide persuades him to return, defeat evil and claim his birthright.

 For One Point

 One of Disney’s most popular animation films of all time, it has also been made into a stage musical. The 20 minute sequence starting with Nala finding S (Simba) in the wilds, through to Simba deciding to return home, guided by Rafiki, is extraordinary, covering every leadership emotion.

 Answer next week – thanks to Adrian Gilpin for introducing me to this wonderful film, and to Disney for re-releasing a special edition on DVD last week…

 With love and warmth to everyone


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